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atCom E-HRMS

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1. atCom E-Leave

An easy-to-use workflow tool that simplifies the process flow of planning, applying, and approving of leave(s). Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature empowers your employees and department heads to self-manage leave applications and approval flow anywhere and anytime through the browser.

  • Policy based leave entitlements.
  • Email request for leave approval
  • Employee wise yearly leave record
  • Prorated leave Balances
  • Yearly Leave closing Process
  • Employee wise Leave policy
  • Leave application and leave approval
  • Leave balance report
  • Multi leave type support
  1. Eliminates paper forms, Faxing and lost forms
  2. Ensures that leave applications will be dealt with in a timely manner, even when you are out of the office
  3. Managers can view leave balance prior to approving leave
  4. Approved leave automatically integrates into atcom Payroll
  5. Employees and Managers can project future leave balances
  6. Managers have an audit trail of leave applied

2. atCom E-Statement

atCom E-Statement allows employees to access to their current and history payslip. We include EA Form in this module too.

  • Allow user to view their current month pay slip and history pay slip online.

  • Allow user to view their annually EA form online

  • Allow user to print or save as PDF

  • Standard Pay slip format as per atCom Payroll

  1. Cost Effective and easy to use

  2. Accessible anytime and anywhere

  3. Save cost for printing or buying Payslip

  4. Organization to be environment friendly

3. atCom E-Claim

With the intuitive E-claim module, you can automate the employee’s claim management through web interface.  E-claim makes it easy to capture employee expenses and control spending.  Whether your business ahs one location or many, E-Claim eliminates data redundancy and manual recording, improve accuracy and gives better tracking on expenses.

  • Allow employee to submit their claim online

  • Systems allow employee to submit receipts online

  • Multiple level of approval

  • Systems allow to set expenses limitation

  1. Cost Effective and easy to use

  2. Accessible anytime and anywhere

  3. Save cost for printing

  4. Organization to be environment friendly

  5. Integrated with atCom Payroll and sync with account GL code

4. atCom E-Attendance

A comprehensive, integrated and easy to use employees’ Attendance Management Software that enables employees to record their arrival and departure, providing managers with detailed information about attendance records, absenteeism, overtime etc.

  • Track employee attendance form any location, any time via online

  • Integrated with atCom Payroll to process the salary automatically
  • Audit report for attendance advice
  • Attendance summary report
  • Multiple shift support and attendance register
  • A one-window solutions, with complete attendance module and integrated hardware
  • Shift scheduling
  • Overtime, late arrivals and early departure reports
  • All Data are enable to export to Excel format
  1. Streamlines the process of time tracking/workforce tracking

  2. Spend more time working and less time managing
  3. Cost Effective & easy to use
  4. Flexible, tabular & reporting
  5. Accessible anytime, anywhere
  6. Integrated with atCom Payroll systems to reduce manual work

5. atCom E-Training

A solution for human resource development by keeping complete track of training history and schedule. It allows the HR department share the information electronically with training vendors.

  • Manage position and required skill Matrix
  • Shares information electronically with training vendors/ trainers
  • Complete tracks of training need assessments, training records and post training evaluations
  • Department wise training calendar
  • Role based security
  • Web Based User friendly interface
  • Setup Training vendors, and Type of Training
  • Email reminders for due training
  • Tracking training post & Training evaluation records
  • Training Calendar online and reports
  1. Better Training Need Assessment
  2. Rapid information Sharing
  3. Paperless environment
  4. End to end solution
  5. Maintains training calendar
  6. Post training evaluation of employees.

6. atCom E-Appraisal

An efficient web based appraisal system that automates, simplifies and streamlines Employee’s Performance Appraisal Process.

  • Powerful template designer that makes it easy to automate traditional time-consuming Employee performance appraisal forms
  • Fair & transparent online appraisal system with easy to use interface
  • Customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) setups and grouping
  • Multiple questionnaire templates for managerial and non-managerial staff can be generated.
  • Multi reviewers/raters and corresponding weight-ages can be configured
  • Configurable performance scoring and increment policy
  1. Accessible from anywhere and anyplace
  2. Promotes manager-employee engagement and collaboration
  3. Reduces Lines manager reluctance and fear of conducting Performance Appraisals
  4. Measures employee Performance and Suggests Incentives accordingly
  5. Paperless environment

7. atCom E-Canteen

A cashless solutions to manage canteen management that take the administrative burden away from the ordering, cash collection & handling and billing process.  It is intuitively designed for Mid-large organization to replace manual canteen handling and essential for preventing long queues by speedy and easy transactions.  Integrated with Biomertic/RFID devices.

  • Support multiple vendors/caterers & locations
  • Automated canteen management process
  • Integrated with biometric & RFID devices for cashless transactions
  • Comprehensive reports employee/caterer/vendors.
  • Can be integrated with Payroll to apply deductions automatically from the salary.
  1. Reduced administrative work
  2. Cashless and paperless transactions
  3. Prevent errors in accounting
  4. Optimal for entertaining guests and managing their billing to employee or company account.

8. atCom E-Biodata

An online systems/ interface allow employees to view and make changes to their latest personal information.

  • Allow employee to update /refer to personal file anytime anywhere
  • Allowing employees to access and have some degree of control over their own information can also help to boost feelings of empowerment and engagement.

Storing information electronically can improve efficiency in recording and finding information. This can be a substantial benefit for companies in which information is routinely lost or misplaced, or where large filing cabinets are needed to contain the information of a large workforce.

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