atCom Time Manager

The Effective Time Management Solution

atCom Time Manager is designed to be a complete time attendance recording system. The critical and comprehensive demands for fast and easily accessible employee attendance information.

>> Unlimited shift combination
>> Tracks Shift Allowance and attendance incentives
>> Early OT and Continuous OT with supervisor approval
>> Early-Out, Late-in and AWOL tracking Definable
Calendar Types for different groups and many more…

>> With 10 years experience over 1000 installation nationwide
>> Suitable for all sector (Service, Corporate, Manufacturing, Semi-Government Sector)
>> User friendly run on Windows Platform
>> Advance Multi Tasking with Modular Design Interface
>> Auto Tasking and many more…

atCom Time Manager and Nitgen Time Recorder, the perfect combination to solve all your time management requirements. Nitgen Time Recorder captures all your employees attendance data while atCom Time Manager collects, analyses and compiles these data into vital management reports. The atCom Time Manager also downloads the time sheet data to atCom payroll system which accepts ASCII format, thus eliminating the need for tedious manual data entry. All these give you the most comprehensive payroll and time management solution available.


Design to handle multiple logical data directories (e.g. management/ staff/ production) separately or consolidated for the overall company staff attendances
>> Handle branch, department cost center organization structure
>> Handle hourly, daily or monthly employee


>> Handle normal OT and early OT
>> Handle OT round-up
>> Handle OT verification and approval
>> Remark table for OT reason



>> Based on user defined formula, daily time data captured through the Time Recorder will be converted into the
respective in/out columns and number of working hours
>> In cases of missing in/out, absences or error correction, allow user to update after the event.
With atCom Time Manager, automatic recover working hours will be performed on all corrections.


The main objectives is to automate what would otherwise be done manually, it is scarce to have a system which includes all the automatic functions that meets any organizationai??i??s needs, atCom Time Manager overcome this barrier with unique method known as preset formula. With this preset formula, users are able to determine and set the following:
>> Single or multiple work patterns ranging from two clocking to a maximum of ten clocking per day/shift
>> Fixed rotating shift or variable shift
>> Definable day type and rounding factor
>> Additional allowance associated with different day type
>> Unlimited time code for different shift
>> Definable formula indicating how to work hours or OT hours are to be calculated
>> Individual or group code working calendar and their respective schedule


Shift Attending Listing
>> No clocking/ Missing clocking report
>> Efficiency shift report
>> Late inquiry report
>> Abnormal attendance Analysis report
>> Unauthorized/ wrong shift (group type only) Listing
>> Absenteeism report
>> Period-to-date or YTD attendances listing
>> All report are user definable sorting sequence and option to output to screen for preview (WYSIWYG) or
output to text file for further analysis or print out for a hard copy


>> Option to set clock usage
>> Tracks a maximum of 3 type of lateness
>> Maintains leave taken by employee(s)
>> Current Month Attendances journal have option to use card number with cross referencing with employee number
>> Allow user definable that auto-generate absenteeism as annual leave, medical leave, no pay leave or other defined leaves
>> Generated user defined warning letter for lateness or absenteeism
>> Built in calendar that allows user to designate different day types for the current calendar month and year according to different color codes
>> System flow made easy by auto task bar


Another useful function provided is the ability to pick from the database the following options:
>> Fields to be exported
>> Query condition for export
>> Sorting order
>> Output method (WKI, WRI, SDF, Delimited, XLS, etc)
The above provides user a way of generating their own report and even enhances their presentation either for text or graphic illustration. There is also the portion to define and generate customized report.

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