Empower self-service improve efficiency



Reduce manual data entry through employee self-service portal. It enables your administrator to focus on the higher value-addedAi??tasks.

Staff transfers



Easy transfer of staff data from one entity toAi??another.

Headcount and attrition analytics



Powerful workforce analytics. Delivers instant analysis of new joiners andAi??resignees.

Unlimited data creation



Supports the creation of unlimited staff and entity records. Comprehensive staff data (basic info, contacts, statutory, career records, remunerations, benefits, etc.) are safely stored and can be accessed anytime,Ai??anywhere.

Data level management



Ability to control data by level, and accessible by different administrators in yourAi??organisation.

Comprehensive reports & data analytics



Intuitive charts and graphs for your HR planning and decisionAi??making.




Users will receive notifications through email and on the dashboard. Receive alerts on your employeeai??i??s birthdays, probation due, and soAi??on.

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