atCom e-Leave

Powerful and Advanced AdministratorAi??Functions

Allows you to organise all leave policies and enjoy the auto calculation of staff records and entitlements within a single setup. With the new featureai??i??Leave Analyticsai??i??you can dedicate your time to perform more strategic, value-added,Ai??HRAi??functions.

Real-time leave information on dashboard



View all leave information, such as your leave balance, entitlement, status and history on yourAi??dashboard.

Better manpower planning



Empowers the managers to gain a better overview of their manpower resources through the comprehensiveAi??information.

Online eLeave application



Reduces the usage of paper and helps achieve your mission to goAi??eco-friendly.

Easy to configure policies and settings



Effectively manage multiple countriesai??i?? leave policies, and with options for various calculationAi??methods.

Empower self-service improve efficiency



Reduces time and effort in sending and reviewing leave applications throughAi??self-service.

Paperless leave verifications



Enables staff to attach supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate) for easierAi??verification.




Users will receive notifications through email and on the dashboard. Incoming leave application, forAi??instance.

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