Flexible policy configuration



Automates your claim processing with flexible claim policies. Supports multiple claim forms: standard reimbursement, petty cash, project, and customer basedAi??expenses.

Multiple Currencies



Supports multiple currencies. Straightforward processing of overseas and local claims or reimbursements by using a singleAi??system.

Multiple-tier and cross-company approval



Supports multiple-tier and cross-company approval. Auto-entitlement verification will be enforced duringAi??submission.

Offline to Online



Allows you to enter claims in Excel and upload to the system forAi??approval.

Empower self-service improve efficiency



Upholds an efficient claim procedure. Save time and reduce effort with self-service functions. Approval of claim submissions is available viaAi??email.

Payment Options



Allows cash or cheque payments and generation of bank files. Otherwise, you can process claims with payroll system and pay them together with theAi??salary.

e-Receipt attachment



Claim receipts can be attached to the system for verification, eliminating the needs of storing hardAi??copies.

High in precision and increase productivity



Seamless integration with third-party financialAi??systems.




Users will receive notifications through email and on the dashboard. Receive alerts on staff birthdays, probation due, and soAi??on.

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