Time tracking anytime, anywhere



AdvancedAi??TASAi??that uses location-based technology. Core capabilities include capturing and managing of real-time clocking data with high precision andAi??accuracy.

Various ways of clocking



A cloud-based solution that supports a widening variety of time-tracking platforms such as the web, excel, biometric fingerprint, and mobileAi??clocking.

Automated overtime and allowance calculation



Receive the automated computation of staff attendance together with the overtimeEquips your > organisation with a powerful and reliableAi??TASAi??that allows flexibility in the creation of unlimited rosters, shift policies definition, shift patterns, andAi??schedules.

Scheduling made easy



Reduces managersai??i?? burden in assigning rosters for their subordinates through flexible and intuitive userAi??interface.

High in precision and increase productivity



Seamless integration with our payroll and leave modules, and third-party financial systems. Approved staff leave will be automatically added to the staffAi??roster.




Users will receive notifications through email and on the dashboard, such as incoming clockingAi??alert.

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