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JAG Systems Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAG Berhad, formelly known as Infortech atCom Sdn Bhd.

JAG Systems Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian professional Information Technology (IT) training consultancy, center, and provider. We help blaze the path through the digital jungle and lead organizations through innovative and insightful thinking.

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The gap between new IT technology adoption and ability to be applicably proficient in its use; often causes process bottle-necks, which tend to keep your businesses from evolving into international markets. It is this gap; we will help your organization bridge.

We leverage on our proficiency and technical expertise to develop the local business acumen. This responsibility which we have willingly adopted is to ensure that the Malaysian IT and online based businesses are always kept in a safe and evolutionary bubble but still able to transcend their traditional economic borders.

From our humble roots of having only a handful of trainers, we started out training initiatives with a strong philosophical drive and commitment to empowering our clients with passion, ambition, and confidence to undertake any result-oriented initiative.

As our passion and commitment to client empowerment began to garner overwhelming results, we needed to expand. Our expansion included stringent selection of trainers, knowledge leaders and technology to ensure that what Jag Systems do is not merely teaching – it is the act of empowerment!


One Team One Vision

To us, each client is not just another number and billing address, but a relationship waiting to be built and partnered in our vision.


Ethical Practices and Community of Practitioners

We are focused on sharing knowledge and helping you develop not only best practices, but ethical practices for your domains. We create solutions that aim to advance our clientai??i??s business and sustain our partners.

Our team is constantly and continually improving our practices by interacting around problems, solutions, and insights. Only thus can we build our accumulative store of knowledge.


People Empowerment

We create and deliver value for our business, our partners and our clients through Empowerment. Our aim is to develop capability and competency while building sustainability for the people working with us.

We believe that for our business to succeed, our people and partners must succeed as well. With progressive mentoring, coaching, and teaching others to recognize opportunities, we aspire towards achieving mutual success.


Business Empowerment

JAG Systems can manage all facets of your IT infrastructure ai??i?? from the front-office to the back-end and everything in between. Our highly competent and capable technical team can handle everyday issues related to your computer hardware, connectivity, and software, leaving you to focus on running your business with ease of mind.


More Than Training

JAG Systems aim to be the leading learning solutions provider for best practices, governance, and solutions frameworks.

Hence, our clients are all coached and mentored by qualified practitioners with the correct pedagogical approaches. We are qualified to impart and instruct in the following disciplines and products:

Our group provides various solutions in a manner that our clients are able to evaluate including; assess the systemai??i??s readiness and maturity, compare and benchmark against similar organizations, understand their own weaknesses and strengths, and develop continuous improvement plans.

We are able to successfully bring your projects to completion within the most reasonable cost possible and ensure that each project stays on course and within budget.

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